This week we're adding our first Kenyan coffee of the season and it's loaded with big, juicy fruits!

Also check out a new edition of our favorite Las Perlitas.

All COE coffees are at least $5 off!

Our coffees peak 3 to 4 weeks after roasting. Orders of 'rested coffee only' will ship by the next business day.

Scott Rao has been in the coffee business for 30 years as a cafe owner, roaster, consultant, and author. The Coffee Roaster’s Companion and Coffee Roasting: Best Practices have influenced a generation of roasters and shaped the global roasting vocabulary and conversation. Thousands of roasters worldwide have attended Scott's seminars and worked with him as a private consultant. Scott’s popular Instagram account @whereisscottrao offers expert-level tips and discussion about coffee brewing and roasting.

Mark Benedetto is a trained chef who gave up cooking and cafe management to move to a career in coffee roasting. After passing the Q-Grader exam, Mark started Last Stand Coffee in San Francisco in 2017, specializing in roasting for SF tech offices. Mark has assisted Scott in his roast consulting and numerous other projects, including sample roasting for Facsimile Coffee in 2020–2021.