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Monthly Coffee Subscription

Monthly Coffee Subscription

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Welcome to Prodigal's monthly coffee subscription! We offer several ways to join:

  • Prodigal Combo, our flagship subscription, includes two different coffees each month:
    • One 250-gram bag of Prodigal's fresh releases &
    • One 150-gram bag of Prodigal's premium coffees
  • Standard includes two 250-gram bags of Prodigal's fresh releases
  • Premium includes two 150-gram bags of Prodigal's small-lot coffees

Prodigal's subscription offers discounted prices below our normal menu rates, plus the benefit of set-and-forget convenience. Subscribers also receive special access and discounts on rare or nano-lot coffees that we find. 

Leading up to each shipment, subscribers may also add other menu items to ship out together, saving on shipping costs. 

Sign up today, and never miss a delicious coffee.

Important notes:

We strive to provide variety, but occasionally the premium subscription will be two bags of the same coffee. 

For stellar coffees where we absolutely break the bank, we may package premium coffees in quantities smaller than 150-grams.


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