Cup of Excellence Ecuador Kit

We're so glad you could join us!

Video cupping will take place on Sunday, June 23 at 1pm UTC: 6am Pacific Time, 7am Boulder, 8am Ecuador, 9am New York, 3pm Amsterdam. It will also be recorded for convenient viewing any time.

[ When the video event starts the link will go live here ]


How To Cup Coffee  — A Protocol
Prodigal recommends this protocol for cupping:

 Heat sufficient water to 95C-97C / 203F-206F
 Use a cup or bowl that holds between 120ml - 200ml*
 Use a 17:1 ratio of water:grounds
 Weigh the beans for each bowl
 Grind slightly finer than you would for a pourover**
 Flush the grinder with a few grams of the same coffee before grinding the bowl of corresponding coffee
 Grind each bowl and weigh to ensure ground dose is within 0.1g of the target amount
 Start a count-up timer from zero, and begin the following:
 Pour each bowl swiftly on a scale, to ensure water quantity is within a few grams of the target
 At 4:00, break the crusts (in order of your pour) with the back of your cupping spoon. Take notes on the aroma of each cup
 Skim the bowls clean by skimming the surface with two spoons in a scissoring motion
 When the coffee is warm-but-comfortable to slurp, begin slurping. We usually begin around 13:00
 Limit your slurps to two or three per bowl. Excessive slurping can cause palate fatigue, so focus carefully when slurping
 Take notes on each bowl before moving on to the next
 Repeat slurping and note taking when the coffees have cooled, usually between 25-30 minutes after pouring

*We use Barista Hustle Cupping Bowls with 10g grounds and 170g water
**Coarser grinds used to be more common, and coarser grinds will often decrease perception of green and roast defects. That may sound desirable, but we recommend using a finer grind in order to magnify defects. The purpose of cupping is critical analysis, not maximum enjoyment.