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Rosaluna Pink Bourbon - Colombia, semi-washed

Rosaluna Pink Bourbon - Colombia, semi-washed

berries • orange candy • lime

Roasted on Jun 17, 2024

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This beautiful pink bourbon is plush with bright berries, orange candy, and a hint of lime. 

This unique "semi-washed" process stands somewhere between traditional washed and honey process. Only ripe cherries were picked, density sorted, and de-pulped.  After depulping, this coffee was washed, albeit less thoroughly than a washed coffee, leaving some mucilage still intact. After 48 hours of fermentation, the coffee dried for 27-32 days on canopy beds. 

Rosaluna is part of Núcleo de Gestión, a producer group with membership from Finca Las Palmas, Finca Sinaí, and Los Arias, 

Process: Semi-washed

Region: Huila, Colombia

Variety: Pink Bourbon

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