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La Pradera Lot 7 Pink Bourbon - Colombia, washed

La Pradera Lot 7 Pink Bourbon - Colombia, washed

peach • grapefruit • caramel

Roasting on Mar 04, 2024

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Hot on the heels of our first La Pradera release selling out, the new La Pradera Lot 7 has just arrived. This coffee is nearly identical to the first, with juicy peach and citrus flavors. If you loved our first iteration, or missed it altogether, this coffee's for you.

Instead of blending all the lots from the farm into one mega-lot, the Coffee Quest separates and ships each lot separately to keep fresh coffee moving quickly. This coffee fermented in cherry for 24 hours, followed by de-pulping and another dry fermentation in tile tanks for 48-52 hours. Then it moved to covered, raised beds for drying over 15-20 days.

Brother farmers Luis Enrique and Robinson Cuellar spearhead La Pradera. Luis Enrique handles the agronomy while Robinson specializes in post-harvest processing. Their biggest crop is pink bourbon, but they also grow gesha, caturra, and pacamara. Looking forward they plan to invest heavily in exotic varieties. 

Process: Washed

Region: Huila, Colombia

Variety: Pink Bourbon

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