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El Trueno Natural - Honduras

El Trueno Natural - Honduras

mandarin orange • mango • floral

Roasted on Apr 08, 2024

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We're excited to release El Trueno, our first Honduran coffee and a natural to boot! This lovely coffee features mandarin orange, mango, and floral notes. 

Finca El Trueno is named after a local tree called Árbol de Trueno, the "thunder tree." This coffee was produced by Nelson Domínguez, who also heads the quality control team at Cima Cafe.

These cherries were harvested at their optimal ripeness and immediately brought to solar driers. The coffee dried on raised beds for 20 days, followed by six days of storage in GrainPro bags before finishing with an additional five-day drying period. 

Process: Natural

Region: Marcala, Honduras

Variety: IH90, Icatu, Caturra

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