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Diego Bermudez Pink Bourbon - Colombia, washed

Diego Bermudez Pink Bourbon - Colombia, washed

strawberry • citrus • ripe

Roasted on Jul 15, 2024

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We're BIG fans of this clean, classic washed pink bourbon from Diego Bermudez! We love its juicy, ripe strawberry and citrus. Also check out our limited single-origin espresso roast off this same coffee.

Diego and his family are industry leaders in coffee producing and processing. From their 70+ hectares of farmable land, to their trailblazing post-harvest processing company, they pride themselves on excellence with every harvest. 

This coffee was a straightforward washed process - only ripe cherries were picked, then they were pulped, washed, and fermented for 72 hours. After a final washing they were dried in "The Titan", a custom condensation-dehydrator designed by Finca El Paraíso. 

Process: Washed

Region: Cauca, Colombia

Variety: Pink Bourbon 

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