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Cup of Excellence Ecuador Kit

Cup of Excellence Ecuador Kit

Roasted on Jun 17, 2024

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$5 off all COE coffees!

We are excited to present this kit of gorgeous Ecuadorean Cup Of Excellence winners! This kit includes 100-grams each of COE lots #4, 6, and 7, plus a video-cupping with Scott Rao and special guest Fabricio Coronel from Hacienda La Florida.

These coffees have been tasted by hundreds of judges as they traveled through the rigorous COE process. This kit is a rare opportunity to taste several of the top Ecuadorean coffees together in one place, as well as to hear directly from one of the producers. We hope you can join us!

Lot #4 - Hacienda La Florida 

  • Fabricio Enrique Coronel Pilco
  • Natural Carbonic Maceration,Typica Mejorado, 
  • Strawberry, Peach, Juicy

Lot #6 - Lugmapata

  • Familia Merino Dávalos
  • Washed anaerobic, F1 hybrid (Undetermined L1)
  • Orange, Plum, Maple

Lot #7 - Ponderosa

  • Jorge Arturo Ajila
  • Natural, 10% Sidra and 90% Typica Mejorado
  • Berries, Mango, Cherry

Video cupping will take place on Sunday, June 23 at 1pm UTC: 6am Pacific Time, 7am Boulder, 8am Ecuador, 9am New York, 3pm Amsterdam. It will also be recorded for convenient viewing any time.

Learn more about the Cup of Excellence here!


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