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COE Lot #6 Lugmapata ESPRESSO - Ecuador, washed anaerobic

COE Lot #6 Lugmapata ESPRESSO - Ecuador, washed anaerobic

orange • plum • maple

Roasted on Jun 10, 2024

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An espresso version of the Ecuador COE Lot #6 - Finca Lugmapata, this year's Cup of Excellence Ecuador #6 winner. Roasted just a touch darker than our filter version, we enjoy this coffee's purple plum, orange, and maple flavors. This limited-run espresso roast makes fantastic straight shots and Americanos.

Lot #6 - Lugmapata

  • Familia Merino Dávalos
  • Washed anaerobic, F1 hybrid (Undetermined L1)
  • Orange, Plum, Maple

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